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Timothy Griffith

54+ years of creating art! I am a fine artist, painter, and sculptor from St. Louis, currently residing in Rockford, IL. I was born 1958 (St. Louis) and have been working in art since 1968. I attended SAIC ('86-87) and graduated from MIAD in 2020 (BFA, cum laude). I have had artwork exhibited on the East and West Coast, Washington D.C., and many locations throughout the Midwest.

Terms & Conditions of Art Sales

Terms and conditions of Art Sales (if any)

All negotiations and arrangements will be facilitated through an Artist/Gallery agent. You can use the 'Contact' form on this website to initiate communication.

This website's main purpose is to present my art and facilitate contact This is not a commercial web site. That being said, some may be interested in acquiring my artwork. All Artwork is purchased 'as is'. No adjustments or changes will be made on the work. It is suggested that you arrange to see the Artwork in person before purchasing. The purchase is final when the purchaser takes possession of the Artwork, or a shipper (arranged by the purchaser) retrieves the Artwork for shipping (FOB origin).

All shipping arrangements are separate of the sale of the Artwork The purchaser will be responsible for the retrieval and shipping of the Artwork. The Artist will include a U/Line professional shipping container (as part of the Artwork purchase) and provide the purchaser with girth dimensions and weight information. FOB Origin [purchaser].

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If you want to get an email announcing new artwork and/or upcoming exhibits, fill out this form and submit it (or you can connect to the social media sites via the links on this page). I don't sell email addresses- this website is about art, not commerce. ('Email Address' is the only thing required to activate 'submit'.)

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