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The artwork in my possession is available for sale- but not on-line from this website.

Terms and Conditions of Art Sales (if any)

The purpose of this website is to document and present the artwork of Timothy Griffith, BFA. This is NOT a commercial site. There is no 'shopping cart,' and nowhere is there a page to 'check out'.

Therefore, inquiries regarding the purchase and acquisition of any artwork will take place via a gallery agent *, independent of this website.

  • Artwork is not sold from this website. Contacting the Art [Gallery] Agent is how all sales (or inquiries) are conducted [see * below].
  • All Artwork is purchased 'as is'. No adjustments or changes will be made on the work. It is suggested that you arrange to see the Artwork in person before purchasing.
  • The purchase is final when the purchaser takes possession of the Artwork, or shipper retrieves Artwork for shipping (FOB origin).
  • All shipping arrangements are separate of the sale of the Artwork.
  • The purchaser will be responsible for the retrieval and shipping of the Artwork. If the artwork is shipped, the Artist will include a shipping container (as part of the Artwork purchase) and provide the purchaser with girth dimensions and weight information (for the purchaser's chosen courier). FOB Origin [purchaser].

* Art [Gallery] Agent is accessable through the 'contact' form page. (... or you could use the button near the bottom of this page. The 'contact' page is accessable from the      [menu bars] on the top header-left on each page [visible when the page is small] or in the location menu path in the top banner [visible when the page is large].)