Do You Possess One of my Artworks?

(not represented on this website)

  • Do you possess, or know of, one of my artworks NOT represented here? It would be great to know the details about it and how it looks today.
  • I do not need to see the artwork in person, nor do I need to take possession of it in any manner. Simply take the best photo of it possible (see instructions in section to the right on this page).
  • Then email the image as an attachment (again, see instructions on the right), include any information you want to include about your history with the artwork, etc.
  • I appreciate any effort to help make this online catalog complete!
  • (in the future, the ability to upload images from this web site will be available)
  • Thank you,
  • sincerely, Timothy Griffith

Photographing the Art

  • • Use DSLR or Newer Phone Camera
  • • Fill the frame as much as possible...
  • ...yet keep all four corner edges in frame!
  • • Avoid glare...
  • ...even if you must skew image!
  • ...skewing is not a problem if all four corners are completely within the image. I use a program that will square the image proper for presentation (having all four corners completely within the image frame is the key to that success).
  • .jpg or .png or .heic image formats acceptable
  • • 300dpi preferred
  • • DO NOT submit through FaceBook or Instagram...
  • media apps strip out photo data to reduce image size on their servers. Submit the image through regular email as an attachment (to the email address provided) [file size up to 9.9mb accepted. For files greater than 9.9mb, contact me through the email address published on the next line, and I will arranged a DropBox portal in whick to upload the larger image].