About Timothy Griffith

I am artist Timothy Griffith originally from St. Louis, MO USA, now residing in Rockford, IL. This website, and the companion site 'Paint Room Studio' [blog site], are the showcase and archive of my lifetime56+yrs body of artwork- paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and sculptures. The website address that you are currently viewing is: https://www.timgriffithart.com

  • Born 1958 in St. Louis, MO USA, I began painting in 1968. In the 1980's I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. However, it took many years to return to education, and I graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design 2020 (BFA, cum laude).

  • I have had artwork exhibited on the East and West Coasts, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, and many other locations throughout the USA.

  • My artwork reflects the continuum of Art's long history. In my creations you will see elements of many styles. I enjoy showing that art is an evolved craft, and holding on to past aesthetics makes my work a modern invention of those past successes. Drama and emotion are forefront in my compositions, and therefore, I like to call my dominant style 'Neo-Baroque'... but you will also see Realism, Surrealism, American Regionalism, Neo Art Nouveau, and Neo Art Deco. Recently I have been working with my take on Precisionism (think "O'Keefe").

  • Primarily a figurative oil painter, I incorporate the many techniques and styles listed above, and the nexus of these elements is nothing like you have ever seen before. My work is often called bold, bright, severe, and smart. My subject matter and the skillful use color, along with unique or forced perspectives, elicits drama and emotion from the composition.

  • My artwork is an extremely well crafted product. I produce artwork from long lasting, high quality pigments and substrates, lightfast, non-toxic paints, heavy duty stretcher bars, fine cotton or linen canvas, and (forever) lasting acrylic primer. I use gallery wrapped canvases and continue the composition to the sides and slightly around to the back. I call my method ‘Painting to the wall.’ The finished work is thoroughly varnished. They can be hung without framing- and are visually complete from all viewpoints.

  • I received my degree during the emergence of the Covid Pandemic in 2020 and have created and exhibited steadily since then. I relocated out of Milwaukee to north-central Illinois for its geographic proximity to art communities from Chicago, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, through Rockford to Freeport.

  • Since 2015, I have created 126 artworks (most 24"x30" or larger), entered 119 exhibits, been successfully juried into 83 of those (totaling 295 invited pieces), and earned 11 awards. (all numbers as of this posting [year-end 2023])

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Nudity in Art has been a part of Western Civilization for quite a long while...